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We are DC residents who have spent our lives improving communities in the DC metropolitan area. Our Cleaning services is one sure way that we improve the community by hiring and training local residents. Employment is a strong factor in keeping our communities thriving. Our employees are challenged to take pride in the work they do for you. Can you imagine the joy we experience as we develop our employees to become a part of the solution to our communities? That is what you invest in when you work with our company.

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Services We Offer

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Deep Cleaning

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Pre / Post Construction Cleaning

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Floor Stripping

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Floor Waxing

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Carpet Cleaning

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Move-in & Move Out Cleaning

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Emergency Cleaning

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One Time Cleaning

Why Use Us?

Well, Let’s Look At What We Find To Be Most Important To Our Clients:


  1.  You want to feel safe when people are working in your building. So, we have employees who have passed a background check. Also, we have a monitoring system that tracks our employees while they are at your site. And just in case you were wondering, we only use EPA approved products to keep your environment safe.

  2. You want to make sure your property is consistently cleaned well. Aside from the bootcamp style training our employees get, we have a client portal that easily lets you share any concerns you may have in real-time.  If by chance, you have a spill or a mishap, you can communicate with us right away so we are able to take care of it promptly.

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COVID 19 response

We realize that you may have concerns about

how to navigate your daily operations in the face

of this COVID 19 threat. We have disinfecting protocols and procedures for your building ready to be deployed at your request. We test our employees regularly and no one who tests positive will be allowed access to your building. We have a strict policy prohibiting our employees access to your building until one week after they have tested negative. 

Because COVID 19 spreads easily even if your employees and/or residents are taking the proper precautions so you will want to schedule a regular deep cleaning with disinfectants. The CDC strongly recommends the use of a high-touch, high-frequency disinfection service. We offer a two (2) part method that is recommended by the CDC. First, we do a thorough surface cleaning and disinfecting. Secondly, we administer an antimicrobial treatment that kills harmful viruses without leaving any wet residue. Electrospraying and Fogging are two of the disinfecting technologies we use that are safer than bleach and chemicals. Not only have these disinfecting technologies been proven to prevent the spread of infection, they also have been shown to reduce absenteeism in the workplace by 30%.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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